Friday, 20 July 2012

Decorated Skull

I got the idea for this piece after watching a T.V. show called Oddities. It doesn't seem to be on UK television any more (or not that I can find it anyway!) The shop is called Obscura Antiques and Odditites in New York and they have a FaceBook page if you want to take a look. If my memory serves (and that's always dubious) in the episode I watched, a man came in with a carved skull to sell. Any more details than that I cannot remember - sorry! I thought the skull was very beautiful.

So I did a bit of Google research and found a website Drawn In Black which had this image and I used it as a starting point for Decorated Skull.

I was really happy with the way Decorated Skull turned out! I have been thinking that I am going to get it printed onto a cotton carrier bag/ shopper, way more funky than the usual mass-produced reusable bags out there!
Even better - on a t-shirt! I am submitting Decorated Skull to Threadless with just the slightest possibility of having it printed onto t-shirts and sold. That would be really exciting! So anyway, I might call on you to vote if my submission is selected! But while you are waiting for my call to action have a look at Threadless, they have really funky t-shirts at pretty good prices. I'm a sucker for a funky t-shirt.

EDIT - 6 August 2012
Here is your chance to vote for Decorated Skull to become a printed t-shirt sold on Threadless. Follow this link to vote and get my t-shirt printed and sold:
Vote here to get Decorated Skull into print!

ANOTHER EDIT - 20 August 2012
A big thank you goes to Noah from Skull a Day for including my Decorated Skull illustration in his blog. Thanks Noah! If you like skulls check out his blog here: